Emerging Technologies Pavilion

Tuesday, Oct. 28 - Thursday, Oct. 30
Ryman Exhibit Hall C1 & C2

R&D Presentations
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Academic research and development will be on display throughout the week, but six presenters will take the stage as part of the afternoon breakout tracks to highlight their work. NURI NARP presenters, USGIF academic members and the USGIF R&D Award winner will all present throughout the week.

Dr. Joseph Mundy, Ph.D., Brown University
Dr. Curt Davis, University of Missouri

Dr. Philip Dennison, University of Utah
Caxia Wang, George Mason University

Capt. Robert Johnson, NASIC

Emerging Technology Showcase
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Each afternoon presenters will demonstrate how they are redefining the way our community addresses challenges and supports mission success with the use of new technologies and capabilities. Don't miss these exciting presentations.

Brian Hardy, BAE Systems
Dr. John A. Antoniades, Ph. D., University of Maryland

Stuart Blundell, Overwatch Geospatial
Ryan Lustig, Integrity Applications

Jeff Harrison, The Carbon Project
Dan Aldridge, IARPA

2008 Interoperability Demonstration
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

In a global response to a call from a world-wide charity, an all-star country concert will raise money in Nashville, Tenn., on October 30, 2008. It has become a high-priority event for our defense and intelligence agencies as there will be present many members of congress, foreign diplomats, celebrities and families. This story, and the events that follow, will be revealed during the interoperability sessions during the three days of the GEOINT Symposium.

Part 1 - Tuesday
Join the team on Day 1 as the GEOINT community prepares for the event and conducts various mission planning activities including the tasking, collection and exposure of pertinent geospatial intelligence data using interoperable web services.

Part 2 - Wednesday
Chaos erupts in Day 2 as bomb threats across Nashville overload first responders and thins the concert protection. Analysis of social networks, financial transactions and other sources begin to provide clues about who the antagonists are.

Part 3 - Thursday
The action heats up on Day 3 as first responders, homeland security and intelligence agencies engage the threat, protect and inform the public and tackle this critical problem.

As the various USGIF member companies present live demonstrations on the Emerging Technology Pavilion stage, the power of interoperable geospatial intelligence capabilities that are available now will be clearly demonstrated.

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